Friday, May 23, 2014

What is the Neuromarketing?

Sometimes we feel that brands are reading our minds when they launch new products. Well, there's some truth to it.

The Neuromarketing is a new approach to Marketing research that makes use of the advanced technology of the investigative behavioral neuroscience. Neuroscientific tools enable, objectively and with scientific rigor, a new dimension of understanding the implicit motives of consumer behavior. Through neuro-psycho-physiological indicators, such as electrical and metabolic activity of the brain, activation of facial muscles, heart rate, sweating skin, among others, the research in neuromarketing can detect the real effects caused by products , advertisements, logos, packaging, etc.

But are we helping brands and companies  to manipulate and control our minds?
According to Martin Lindstrom, it's just not that simple:

" better understanding our own seemingly irrational behaviour - whether it's why we buy a designer shirtor how we assess a job candidate - we actually gain more control, not less. Because the more we know about why we fall prey to the tricks and tactics of advertisers, the better we can defend ourselves against them. And the more companies know about our subconcious needs and desires, the more useful, meaningful products they will bring to the market. (...) brain-scanning, used ethically will end up benefiting us all." in, Buyology by Martin Lindstrom

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