Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Wonders of Being Self-Employed

Being self-employed isn't fun and games as many people think. Having your own schedules, being your own boss, being able to work in any place, it might sound like heaven to most people. But it requires a lot of work, 24h a day, thinking about strategies, how to advertise your products, do the actual advertising, taking care of customer relationships, and so on.
But we would lie if we said that there aren't any benefits in being self-employed.
To start, you are your own boss. No more grumpy bosses, no more boring meetings, no more trying to please someone else and figure if the boss is in a good mood or not.
Your earnings are yours and yours alone. If you work hard and give 110% of your energy and soul, all the profit will be yours, not only financially speaking, but in terms of achievements as well.
You work at your own pace. If you're more productive at night, you can work at night and sleep all morning. You can stay at home with your kids and work from home, or you can travel and stay by the pool, enjoying the sun and work. Plus, you won't depend on anyone when you want to schedule your vacation.

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