Monday, May 26, 2014

6 tips to use Twitter in a strategic way

use twitter strategically

We are fans of lists. We are sure it's helpful and it's very informative, and we hope you can agree with us.
Since Twitter is on the verge of becoming the most used social media network, learn how to use it strategically with only six short  - like a tweet - tips:

1. Create lists. We told you this was important. This way you can aggregate competition, customers and opportunities.

2. Post tweets frequently. If you are not committed to post a few tweets per day, you won't get results.

3. Use your own #hastags. You can use general hashtags, but don't forget to use yours, and better promote your brand.

4. Personalize your content. Be sure that your content is right for your target audience.

5. Explore the RT's. Try to RT strategically during the day. RT is the short-term for "ReTweet" which means to replicate something that was written before by someone else. RT on Twitter means that the person copied, repeated the text, but showing the credits.

6. Personalize some URL's. But only those who take the visitor/customer to the company's website.

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