Thursday, May 29, 2014

5 Steps to Create an Infographic

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In an age fairly saturated of information, we need to find different ways to make our business content stand out. The quality is certainly the biggest difference, but diversification in the format in which that content is presented can also help a lot.

The more your company can go further and deliver differently and in a more complete way, the more chances of getting relevant experiences you will be presented.

One of the content production that has gained growing attention in Digital Marketing formats are Infographics.

5 Steps to Create an Infographic:

Step 1. Find a relevant theme.
Evaluate your Google Analytics search, discover what subjects are most discussed in other pages, and define a Theme that is both relevant and interesting.

Step 2. Research for data and information.
Research data, numbers, examples and statistics. The more information you have, the richer will be the content you are about to create.

Step 3. Design
Before passing on the task to the designer, prepare a briefing and draw a wireframe of the infographic to get an idea of the position of the elements. Consider how the content can be presented visually. Define the color palette, picture style and graphics. There are many paid and free software that will help you in the creation of an infographic. Find the most suitable for your project.

Step 4. Review every step.
Review every step, every number and every decision that you made before publishing the infographic.

Step 5. Plan the Promotion
Prepare a Marketing Plan in order to find out how the promotion will be made, concerning media channels, people to reach out to, campaigns, audience, etc. Make sure it's a success!

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