Saturday, May 31, 2014

Social Media: 10 Myths That you Should be Aware Of

10 myths about social media

Who said the number of followers is the most important? Who thought that anyone could do this? Is Social Media only a trend? Please take a look at this following list over 10 social media myths:

1. The number of Users is the most important. The quality of interactions is in fact the most important.

2. The Social Media is a promotion channel. The Social Media are a communication channel,and it should serve as a complement to your Marketing Strategy.

3. It's something for teenagers. The age group with most activity is between 25 and 34 years old. This segment represents the consumers and decision makers.

4. Wastes your time. Considering the ROO, the time dedicated to the Social Media represents an inversion that reflects in the brand's positioning.

5. Nobody pays attention to Companies in Facebook. Around 56% of users follow a brand in Facebook.

6. I have to be informal in order to be successful in Social Media. Being represented in Social Media does not mean loss of moral values or Corporate Communication policies.

7. My Company has nothing to share in Social Media. Social Media users are looking for interesting content, and they appreciate that brands share experiences, tips, advices, etc.

8. You can't measure Social Media Results. There are ways of measuring the engagement and determine the return of all the interactions.

9. Anyone can Tweet and Post. One thing is to say "Hello!" and another thing is to start intelligent and interesting conversations.

10. It's only a trend. Social Media are here to stay. More than 50% of consumers make decisions based on opinions found on Social Media.

So, do you have a different idea of Social Media?

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