Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why A Facebook Page Is Essential For Your Business

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg created and launched Facebook in February 2004, it has taken the whole social networking world by storm. Everybody seems to know and connect with others and a day doesn't go by when addicted used don’t check their accounts for updates. Which eventually leads us to wonder, how could this site be translated into making your business more productive? There are several reasons why a business Facebook page is crucial, some more obvious than others.

A massive number of global users
According to Inquirer technology (, there have been more than one 1 billion active users of Facebook since October 2012. The whole point of marketing your product or service is to make as many people aware about it as you possibly can. And this is exactly why a business Facebook page is essential – it allows these users to connect with people promoting their businesses and in turn, can reap the benefits and customer value they offer. For those women who want to work from home, this is a great way to reach out to customers.

Personalized privacy settings and more control
A Facebook page is all the more attractive because of the increased flexibility in privacy it offers. It you want the privacy to be set on public, then anybody searching online will be able to view your Facebook business page, but if you don’t want anyone to see it, then you have just as much power to do so. This, in effect, can prevent your competitors from nosing their way into content you want to keep confidential, or block or report users who are using abusing abusive language on the site, or just being annoying.

Business Facebook Pages are interactive
One of the reasons why a business Facebook page is so essential to the success of your business is that it allows interactions between customers/clients and sellers in a way that no website has ever been able to accomplish. Users can now voice their opinions about products on wall posts, which leads to great feedback, and admins of these business Facebook pages can instantly get back to their queries, thus, fostering healthy relationships between buyers and sellers. Content like notes, photos and videos also add to the interactive aspect of the Business Facebook page.

And hey, it doesn't stop here. There are several other reasons why a business Facebook page is important. Some of them include the following:
  • Fans can respond to status updates, and thus, keep track of any new deals or discounts that the business might be offering.
  • The number of ‘likes’ for your business Facebook page allows you to keep track of how many ‘fans’ or potential customers you have got.
  •  Facebook incorporates the concept of ‘marketing chain reaction.’ If someone likes a business Facebook page, it will show up in their friends news feed too, making them aware of your products and services as well.
  • Business Facebook pages allow you to have sections and tabs for ‘contact us’ and delivery processes.
Facebook has become very influential in our daily lives.  It may not be the ideal environment for marketing every kind of product or service, but you just can’t stay away because if it’s sheer size. And that is exactly why a Facebook page is essential for your business.

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