Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Tips To Boost Your Sales!

     1)  A good step to take for a person who runs businesses would be to join online communities or discussion groups that center around your area of interest in the business field. Becoming part of a business forum on the web will allow you to communicate with other business owners. You can get such people to help you out with your business and vice versa. However, as social loafing (decrease in individual effort as group size increases) becomes a threat, you can reduce anonymity and create some individual accountability.

       2) You can raise the productive level of your business by getting your family members to pitch in the work. Since they have complementary skills and a common goal, they will end up with much more output then hiring people you don’t know. For example, you can get your daughter with an artistic flair to design advertising banners for you, and your son with high knowledge in computer software’s to create balance sheets on Excel files.
          3) Set a consistent schedule for work. Write down the times that you plan to work, and this will help keep you from burning out. It is very important to have feedback about the work performed at the end of every day. This feedback can either come from you, from your coworkers and staff, or from the customers. It allows you at access your mistakes and then removes such flaws accordingly very quickly so damage is minimized. 
        4) You must work on creating skills such as impression management and persuasion and social influence in order to successfully and profitably run your business. Impression management is tactics designed to induce liking a favorable first impression by others. Social influence is the ability to change others’ attitudes and/or their behavior in desired direction. These skills will lead to a high level of charisma, something that inevitably leads to attracting more customers. A sales force team must be equipped with these kinds of skills.
 5) Playing a devil’s advocate is a good idea if you are confused between multiple decisions and scenarios regarding your business. This involves asking yourself to counter the proposition given in order to determine the validity of it. For example, if you want to expand your business, then playing the role of a devil’s advocate will allow you to assess whether you have enough financing, or market demand, and whether you should ultimately go ahead with the plan. 

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