Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Direct sells: What not to do

In the last post we spoke about Direct Sellers To Do List, a list of tips to do with your sales parties and events.
Today, we're providing you a list of tips of what not to do for your sales events:

  • Don't talk on the phone while your potential clients are browsing around your table. It is highly unprofessional to look disinterested and it will make people lose their interest as well, and eventually your sales will suffer.
  • Being behind the table or the stall with your head down (reading, texting...) or staring at the floor. This will refrain your clients to feel open to ask you questions and will make them uncomfortable picking up some of your products you have for sale. 
  •  If you're organizing the sale with someone else, or some other sellers, don't talk about organizational issues in front of your clients: they will think they are actually disturbing the event, or think they came to a bad sale, especially if they are new clients. Keep those issues to discuss after the sale or, if really needed, do it discretely and with a smile on your face. 
  •  The previous don't also applies if you have a helper at your table or booth. Talking to each other constantly will give an idea that you are preoccupied and busy with something else and could discourage potential clients from buying. 

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