Monday, March 17, 2014

The 10 Commandments of Sales

  1. Think - The sale is in your mind;
  2. Believe - Develop a belief system that can't be penetrated;
  3. Get Involved - Develop compatibility and personal involvement before starting the sale;
  4. Find out - People buy for their own reasons, not for yours. Discover their motives first;
  5. Ask - If you ask the wrong questions, you will get the wrong answers;
  6. Observe - your ability to observe must be as powerful as your ability to sell and your ability to listen;
  7. Dare - Dare to take risks;
  8. Assume - Know who is to blame when the sale is made;
  9. Deserve - Sell for the relationship, not for the commission;
  10. Prove - A testimony is worth a hundred sales presentations;
You don't become a great salesman in just one day. But you can become an excellent salesman day by day.

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