Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Encourage your staff to sell more and better

Some simple sales techniques are critical to the performance of the team, which is reversed in profit and growth for both parties :

Most customers do not know exactly what they need. So take the opportunity to discover the appropriate times to offer their solutions (and how to offer in order to emphasize the value they deliver to the customer);
In this sense: price is not everything. Show the customer the advantages that your product offers . Who sells makeup does not offer lip glosses, but beauty, self confidence, comfort and even social status.

Keep in touch: the customer doesn't always buy the product at first, so be courteous and leave open doors to a new opportunity .
Encourage the use of software and social media: many direct sales businesses are still in the past in this regard and do not see the importance of using the social media. This software and social media use needs to be aligned to a personalized sales routine, favoring the management of the customers , orders, and providing all the tools so that they best meet the customer and sell more.

What is on the rise today is the ability to exhibit products and issue orders on the tablet or Smartphone, since they will give more agility and value the products sold, and create a more modern impact on the client himself.

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