Sunday, March 16, 2014

Grow your Client List With a Giveaway

If you're a direct seller and you own a blog or Facebook page (or both!), one of the best ways to increase your client list and get people to know about your brand and products is to host a Giveaway.

Select one of your products, or create a bundle and start spreading the word. If you have a blog in Wordpress there are multiple of plugins that will help you, for example: "And the winner is" is one of the plugins that, once installed, will randomly select one of the comments left in your post. But there are other alternatives that work with all blogging platforms, like .

Usually the giveaway consists in a couple of rules: like the page, comment the post and share through the social media accounts. If you're giving away a bundle from Younique, for example, you will make a post explaining the contest rules, ask for the participants to like Younique's Facebook page, leave a comment in the Giveaway post's comments section and share the post's link through their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You should define a time span for the contest so you can gather as much as new followers and prospective clients as possible, usually one week or two is enough. And take a picture of the prize, so the clients know exactly what they are trying to win.

At the end of the giveaway, use the tools (plugin or to select the winner, and make a post with the name of who won.

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