Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Disadvantages Of Being An Enterpreneur

In our previous post we spoke about the advantages of being an entrepreneur, but because the sun doesn't always shine, we're also going to mention the disadvantages of being one. Not because we want to discourage you to pursue your own career as an entrepreneur, not at all, but because knowing the down sides beforehand is helpful, so you can prevent some of the things that can go wrong, and learn early how to deal with them.
  • Making your own hours/schedule can lead to distraction and procrastination if you aren't strict and disciplined with yourself;
  • The money income comes and goes. Sometimes there is money but sometimes it might be a while without any income;
  • If you're an entrepreneur working from home, the chores might catch you up, like laundry, cleaning, etc.;
  • Having your own hours can make you work 3h a day or 18h a day, you will never know;
  • When you're sick, there's nobody else to replace you.

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