Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Steps That Will Keep Your Direct Sales Party ALIVE

I have been successfully involved in direct sales and the home party plan business for several years now. I am often asked how I have been able to keep my home party business alive and thriving all these years.

Several years ago during a direct sales training I put together an acronym with 5 actions you should take each week to ensure you create a successful direct sales business. I call it 5 Alive & Thrive!

These five steps and principles will help you be more successful in your direct sales or home party plan business. They will also help you see consistent results and consistent income from your business.

Here are the 5 actions you can take each week to keep your direct sales business alive and thriving!

A – Ask at least 10 new people to host a party! (at a party, or via dating calls, customer care calls, out & about, invite them to your team meetings & events)

L – Look for new places to leave business cards, hang up fliers, place lead generation boxes, set up for vendor events… Market your business everywhere! Leave a paper trail (but don’t liter).

I – Invite at least 10 new people to join your team! (at a party, or via recruiting calls, customer care calls, out & about, invite them to your company’s opportunity events & webinars)

V – Visit with your success line! Contact your upline / manager / director for a weekly encouragement, accountability & goal setting session

E – Educate & empower yourself by attending any team, company or related direct sales success meetings or training calls or webinars being held each week or listen / watch recordings from past team, company or other direct sales training calls or webinars. Also read books and newsletters from business, direct sales and success coaches. 

Remember, direct sales is all about marketing and connecting with customers and potential customers, hosts and team recruits. You will always get back exactly what you put into your business. If you want to see bigger, better and more consistent results, then talk to more people and work on a consistent basis. Your success is up to you! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

10 Pinterest Best Practices

In the world of social media there are few mediums that go untouched, but there are those that are significantly more prominent than the others.

Facebook and Twitter being the reigning kings and others trailing behind with users unsure of what to do. However, Pinterest is proving to be an extremely useful tool for businesses to engage in.

So why should you be interested in Pinterest? Recent new data is showing that it has now become the 4th largest referral network after passing Yahoo and now only sits behind Google, Facebook and Twitter.

It is a visual niche social network that is proving to be  a driver of significant traffic driver for image rich eCommerce sites. Walmart is considering plans to include trending pins (Pinterest posts) as one of the signals it listens to in its own eCommerce search engine as signalling buyer intent.
Here are some tips when it comes to Pinterest and your business:

  1. Plan - Create a content strategy that is centered around the lifestyle of your target audience. Avoid “me syndrome” and only pinning your products and your information. Dive into the interests and aspirations of those that matter most: your consumers.
  2. Set Goals - Define your goals. Are you looking to create brand awareness? Drive traffic to you your website? A good benchmark is that 25% of all website traffic should come from social; decide how Pinterest fits into this equation for your brand. Decide how you will be tracking and reporting.
  3. Align - Position your brand to align with popular, timely and topical conversations; i.e. if you are a shoe company, pin trendy shoes. “News Year’s Eve” shoes (timely), or “prom shoes” (topical).
  4. Optimize - Google LOVES Pinterest! Focus on the keywords that matter most for your brand, align this with what you know about how your audience searches (and what they are searching for) and incorporate them into your board titles and pin descriptions.
  5. Engage - Pinterest is a social community that requires two-way engagement. “Repin,” “Like” or comment on pins and boards of others. Interact with your followers and take the time to participate.
  6. Organize - Sort your boards well. Also, while keywords are important, have a little fun with how you name your boards. Finally, be sure to set the board “cover image” to a pin that best conveys the topic of that board.
  7. Diversify - Pinterest is a great opportunity to reach all the segments of your audience. Create boards and pin items that appeal to every segment of your consumer base!
  8. Integrate - Be sure that the content on your website is easy to share. Incorporate the “Pin It” button into your social sharing lineup.
  9. Evaluate - Measure your success. What boards and pins are seeing the most “Likes,” and “Repins?” Is Pinterest driving traffic to your website? Evaluate KPIs like bounce rate to ensure that the traffic you are driving to your site is directing to the right place and leverage your ability to use specific links for tracking.
  10. Enjoy - Have fun with this awesomely visual medium. Encourage others to pin your content with contests or scavenger hunts, tracked by tagging (@) or hashtags (#).

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Big 7: What You Need to Know About Direct Sales and Marketing

No matter what kind of small business you own, below are some basic steps which forms a complete map for direct sales and marketing success, from attracting and capturing leads, to growing sales, to keeping your customers happy and saving time. So fuel your entrepreneurial passion with the big 7 steps.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Be a Home Party Business Rockstar

Have you ever wondered how other women in the Direct Sales world can do Home Parties and they are a Rockstar at it?

First things first, when it comes to being a Rockstar in your Home Party Business, you have to realize that it's going to take you getting uncomfortable.

It's going to take specific steps for you to get there and you are going to have to be dedicated to doing the work that gets you those results.

Here is a 7 Step Formula to Party Like a Rockstar, like your up-line leaders and mentors, or I should say the basic formula that I used to learn how to Party Like a Rockstar in the Direct Sales world.
  1. Pick Your Mentor: Decide who in your company has more of a personality like yours that is having the results that you want to have in your business. 
  2. Study What She Does: Then you want to study exactly what she does to be successful....Does she have documents, training, calls that she does, team meetings etc?
  3. Tell Her What You're Doing: Let her know that you are bound and determined to be as successful as she is, doing what she did to get where she is today. If you have an up-line that you love you can let her know that too and the reason why you are choosing her to model your business after. If the person you are choosing is your up-line, AWESOME!
  4. Rub Elbows: If she doesn't have any videos out there of her live party, you may need to make a trip there to watch her show and record her, if she's that bad ass, it's worth it and more than likely she won't tell you no, if she does, you don't want her as your mentor anyways. (how bad do you want it?)
  5. Revamp Your Demo: If you are going to do what she does, then you need to revamp your demo to show exactly what she shows because you are going to be using her same demo lines at your parties. That's why it's also important that you choose someone who has your personality type. 
  6. Read, Watch & Devour: Once you have her live party, you can now read her training, watch her live party and devour everything she does. P.S. you should start putting some of things you are learning into play at your very next party or into the systems you are doing right now. Change one thing at a time and only change what's NOT working for you. 
  7. Watch, Write, Watch, Write: Next, you need to watch her live party, pausing it every few seconds and writing down her show flow script, word for word. You will want to do this at least 3 times. Can you say "Time Consuming?", Absolutely, but it's also worth it, if you want the success that she has.
Now, that's just the foundation of what you need to do so that you can adopt her flow, systems and style, but you want to also practice a lot at your parties so that you can put your own flair to it. It will eventually become natural.  CLICK HERE to Join Us and be a Younique Presenter Today!