Monday, February 3, 2014

Be a Home Party Business Rockstar

Have you ever wondered how other women in the Direct Sales world can do Home Parties and they are a Rockstar at it?

First things first, when it comes to being a Rockstar in your Home Party Business, you have to realize that it's going to take you getting uncomfortable.

It's going to take specific steps for you to get there and you are going to have to be dedicated to doing the work that gets you those results.

Here is a 7 Step Formula to Party Like a Rockstar, like your up-line leaders and mentors, or I should say the basic formula that I used to learn how to Party Like a Rockstar in the Direct Sales world.
  1. Pick Your Mentor: Decide who in your company has more of a personality like yours that is having the results that you want to have in your business. 
  2. Study What She Does: Then you want to study exactly what she does to be successful....Does she have documents, training, calls that she does, team meetings etc?
  3. Tell Her What You're Doing: Let her know that you are bound and determined to be as successful as she is, doing what she did to get where she is today. If you have an up-line that you love you can let her know that too and the reason why you are choosing her to model your business after. If the person you are choosing is your up-line, AWESOME!
  4. Rub Elbows: If she doesn't have any videos out there of her live party, you may need to make a trip there to watch her show and record her, if she's that bad ass, it's worth it and more than likely she won't tell you no, if she does, you don't want her as your mentor anyways. (how bad do you want it?)
  5. Revamp Your Demo: If you are going to do what she does, then you need to revamp your demo to show exactly what she shows because you are going to be using her same demo lines at your parties. That's why it's also important that you choose someone who has your personality type. 
  6. Read, Watch & Devour: Once you have her live party, you can now read her training, watch her live party and devour everything she does. P.S. you should start putting some of things you are learning into play at your very next party or into the systems you are doing right now. Change one thing at a time and only change what's NOT working for you. 
  7. Watch, Write, Watch, Write: Next, you need to watch her live party, pausing it every few seconds and writing down her show flow script, word for word. You will want to do this at least 3 times. Can you say "Time Consuming?", Absolutely, but it's also worth it, if you want the success that she has.
Now, that's just the foundation of what you need to do so that you can adopt her flow, systems and style, but you want to also practice a lot at your parties so that you can put your own flair to it. It will eventually become natural.  CLICK HERE to Join Us and be a Younique Presenter Today!

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